From our beginnings we have investigated new innovative systems to provide exclusive advantages for our clients, of which performance and energy efficiency stand out.

Our first patents facilitated the development of what we commercially called the Multiflow Novovent System (M.N.S.) with which we offer the most powerful range of helical solutions on the market, thus facilitating the selection of equipment according to the order of preference. Being this governed by flow, pressure, installed power, size or sound level.

More recently we have achieved new records, creating a new type of propellers and turbines in which we apply the Serrated Novovent Concept (S.N.C.), in industrial range. The propellers, called WINDER, combine three lines of research. Its sickle-shaped design itself provides a performance improvement in the useful area of its characteristic curve, then an aerodynamic edge at its peripheral end (“winglet”) improves performance and reduces the sound level. Finally, a specific serration on the trailing edge significantly reduces the noise level.








The result of this process has been propellers with levels of flow and pressure performance, higher than conventional ones and with lower consumption, of the order of 15% and with noise reduction of up to 3 dB (A).